Anglesey Kickstart Bike Training Launches New Website

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When I met Neil via his own business, AMT/Kickstart Group; I was in need of motorcycle training to go from never riding a motorcycle in my life, to having an unlimited full motorcycle license. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy feat, but is something I've always wanted to achieve in my life. I needed a trainer that would be patient, cost-effective and most importantly finding a trainer that respects safety-first was paramount.

As I went on to find a motorcycle instructor, I found AMT/Kickstart Group, a group of 2x businesses based in Anglesey. Initially I never thought twice about their websites, as all I wanted was my full bike license; however after getting to know Neil and Sue during my training,  I became more familiar with their business structure, and offered my support in bringing the online part of their business up to modern standards.

Business Structure

Neil explained that as they run 2x separately branded motorcycle businesses on the island, they wanted to connect them as 'sister companies' but that's as far as the connection went, due to the fact they were proud of the way each separate business was running, where each business had its separate stunning locations, and the members of staff working in each business were settled.

Joint Domain / Group Splash Page

In order for members of staff across both sister companies to easily reference and bookmark the central corporate homepage, we created this simple splash page linking to all relevant online areas of the business. This is mainly a private (but publicly accessible) quick-reference page linking things together. There may be plans to expand on this area in the future, but for now it's going to remain the chain between both companies.

Corporate Email System

Historically, Kickstart Bike Training and Anglesey Motorcycle Training used a free email address for their businesses. This all changed when they started working with J-D Design. We've not only set both companies up with domain-level email accounts for each member of staff; now everyone can access the central corporate email system directly, and professionally. This gives better brand awareness when communicating with third parties and customers.

Kickstart Bike Training

Anglesey Kickstart Bike Training is based at the Anglesey Circuit / Trac Môn, which luckily for them also has a regular photographer; Jon Owen. Jon provided the spectacular panoramic image you see on the homepage, and also the images in the 'On Location' gallery featured on the Anglesey Kickstart website.


An important feature of the website was a detailed breakdown of the courses and different tests on the route to getting your motorcycle license with Kickstart. J-D Design offers extensive research with each project, to ensure we can fill your website with relevant, informative and search engine friendly content guaranteed to boost ratings and help garner new customers.

Easy to Manage Image Galleries

One of the issues facing Kickstart before their new website release, was the inability to easily create and manage dynamic picture galleries. Now, with the commercial website management system used by J-D Design; Kickstart can not only create picture galleries, but make custom album structures and set different permission and security levels on each album and image as they see fit. Now they can share specific galleries and albums with logged in customers, and also share public galleries - like the ones you can see on their site today.

Professional Contact Form

We've all seen those horrendous contact forms on other websites, which look like the web designer has literally copied the code from elsewhere, or just enabled a plugin which wasn't made with your website in mind. There's none of that here though, as every J-D Design website can have an unlimited number of contact forms, each with their own settings, style overrides and layouts. Each form can even send to different email addresses, giving businesses the ability to filter their customer queries into relevant locations.


Homepage Compulsory Basic Training Module 1 Gallery Contact Page Mobile: Gallery

Anglesey Motorcycle Training

For information on this second website, please see here: Anglesey Motorcycle Training Website Launch.

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