Ongoing Support

A J-D Website is the last website you'll ever need. Guaranteed.

Standard Plan

  • Included with every development
  • Full training on updating your website
  • Free for one year
  • Web Hosting
  • 1x Domain Renewal
  • Security and Software Updates
  • Renew for only £200 /year

Full Package

£500 /year
  • All features of Standard Plan
  • 1x additional Domain Renewal
  • On-demand content updates to your website
  • On-demand phone support in using your website

What People Are Saying

  • Michael Lees
    I'm really impressed with the quality of the management system to keep my website updated.
    Michael Lees - 2016
  • Brian Wilson
    The bespoke system you have built for my business is so easy to use, and really professional.
    Brian Wilson - 2016
  • Dean James
    The system John has developed was just what we were looking for, we could not recommend highly enough.
    Dean James - 2016
  • Saran Jones
    I am really impressed with my personal career building website, and my own professional email is brilliant!
    Saran Jones - 2016
  • Rob Laming
    From start to finish John has been great, I would recommend J-D Design for any project where you want a professional website with professional support.
    Rob Laming - 2016

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