J-D Design Launches Wishcoin - The Charitable Altcoin, Aiming to Raise Billions for Charities Worldwide

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Today sees the launch of a new cryptocurrency, Wishcoin - which with its credible backing and focus on integrity and transparency; aims to generate billions for charities worldwide.

J-D Design has provided Wishcoin with a modern, fully responsive website, branding and logo design using its powerful website management system.

What is Wishcoin?

Wishcoin is run by the not-for-profit Wishcoin Foundation, a foundation built to hold and manage the funds raised by the currency in order to donate  to nominated charities globally. Any of these charities which will receive a pledge of coins will then find it in their best interest to adopt and further promote the Wishcoin brand with their beneficiaries and corporate partners.

What makes Wishcoin special is its ability to bring the charitable sector together with cryptocurrency in order to make a very positive change on the world. In order for Wishcoin to become successful, it has addressed some of the largest challenges facing altcoins; including lack of awareness, confidence, and credibility.

Through the core team of highly accomplished, industry-specific individuals, Wishcoin has over half a century worth of charitable experience and contacts, whilst also benefiting from decades of business and technical expertise. During 2018, Wishcoin has the potential to have;
  • Donated £4.5 million to charities
  • Been featured extensively on mainstream media sources
  • Partnered with the commercial partners of likeminded charities.

The Team

Robert McLean

Robert McLean is co-founder of Wishcoin and director of the British Property Awards. A property entrepreneur at heart, Robert takes advantage of the best opportunities to make the best of any business venture. Roberts' practical approach to business will ensure Wishcoin remains a credible, investable and charitable opportunity for everyone.

John Davies

John Davies is co-founder of Wishcoin and also the founder of J-D Design; and will be leading the development team in the creation, adoption and digital marketing of Wishcoin. John is a firm believer of bringing his technical and business management skills together in order to make a success of raising money for charities around the world.

Joleon Lescott

Joleon Lescott is a renowned professional footballer, playing for Everton, Machester City and Aston Villa, amongst other teams; Joleon has also played nationally for the England Team. Joleon's altruistic nature is what led him to becoming a Co-Founder of Wishcoin and has been pivotal in its structure to ensure Wishcoin becomes the most credible and transparent cryptocurrency within the charitable niche.

Howard Lake

Howard Lake is one of the most recognised digital fundraising entrepreneurs in the UK. He created the UK Fundraising website in 1994 and wrote the world's first book on digital fundraising in 1996. Howard has become an influence on the credibility, transparency and conformity of Wishcoin and the Wishcoin Foundation.

Mal McCallion

Mal McCallion has been a pivotal contribution to successful digital ventures such as Zoopla and Primelocation, and is the managing director of Growtion - Your Growth Solution. Mal has been a great contribution to the founding of Wishcoin, with his well-established city links & relationships, and has also proved momentous with the early marketing of Wishcoin.

Chris Madden

Chris Madden is a highly experienced fundraiser for non-profits with over a decade of experience in raising new donations across a range of charitable products and services. Chris has won the prestigious Institute of Fundraising award for 'best donor development campaign', and has backed Wishcoin due to its transparency and potential to raise large fundraising for charities around the world.


The Initial Coin Offering is scheduled to first begin on 21st October 2017, with the price of Wishcoin to be sold at $0.10 a coin, and is expected to rise drastically in value after launch onto the major exchanges. The completion of the ICO will be Wishcoin's first opportunity to donate money to charity, in order to be recognised as the leading charitable altcoin.

The Investment Opportunity

The dramatic rise to success of Bitcoin has proven the investment opportunity in cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin being the first and most successful digital currency, other altcoins such as Litecoin and Ethereum have too; witnessed vast growth due to their successful adoption. Wishcoin is poised to become one of the most adopted currencies due to its altruistic nature, excellent credibility and transparency.

Wishcoin is a ground-breaking concept which aims to carry cryptocurrency and the Wishcoin brand into charitable and commercial environments around the world. For more information on Wishcoin, the ICO schedule and also the investment opportunity, visit

What People Are Saying

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    Michael Lees - 2016
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    The bespoke system you have built for my business is so easy to use, and really professional.
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    The system John has developed was just what we were looking for, we could not recommend highly enough.
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