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There are approximately 2000 houses in Leeswood, a small village near Mold. Since 1984; the local community has come together to publish a local newsletter with articles contributed by local businesses and members of the village.


In January 1984, a member of the community Councillor Selwyn Roberts came up with the idea of a local community paper, which would be published and distributed around the community of Leeswood, monthly. He pitched the idea to other locals, who weren't as enthusiastic of the challenge at first; however after an initial public meeting on January 23rd 1984, the first editorial team of the Leeswood & District News was elected:

Editor: Mrs Lucille Ingman
Secretary / Typist: Miss Elizabeth Evans
Editorial Team: Mrs Enid Griffiths
Mrs Irene Swinburne
Treasurer: Mr Terry Kennedy

During this initial public meeting, history tells us that the name was quickly agreed as "Leeswood & District News", with the local "White Gates" as its pictorial image. The methods of putting together the publication has changed a lot since the 80's, the rise of the computer has left the days of the whole team meeting in a big hall and spending hours cutting and gluing articles onto pages; in history.

Front pages of the Leeswood & District News over time:

Leeswood and District News - 136 Edition 1996 Leeswood and District News - 136 Edition 1996 Leeswood and District News - 219 Edition 2003

Advertising Editor

In September 2016, J-D Design offered some of its charitable time to the Leeswood & District News. Since then, we have fully managed and edited the advertising and revenue collections for the Leeswood & District News. This allows the editor of the publication the time to focus on retrieving, moderating and implementing the papers articles and local contributions.

New Media Website & Publications Management System

The publication started 2017 with a brand new website ( ) provided free of charge by J-D Design. This new website allows the editorial team to upload each monthly edition, giving a wider audience of the publication to those that don't get the paper delivered, or have an interest in catching up with the local news.

Publication Redesign

The editors of the Leeswood & District News were in need to modernising the publication to modern standards - J-D Design saw another opportunity to help the team (free of charge) with a complete re-design of the publication. It was very important to retain the historic fundamentals of the design (like the name and white gates), but spring a breath of fresh air into the paper.
Check out the change of the front cover here, comparing the old version and the new version:


To review further editions of the Leeswood & District News, check out their new website:

Future Plans

The editorial team have plans to load the archive of all historic versions of the local newspaper onto the website, to build up the full collection and keep the history of the paper alive forever. There are copies of all 361 copies to date, but it will be a huge task scanning old copies onto a computer!

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