Action Adventurer / Extreme Athlete Ash Dykes partners with J-D Design

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Ash Dykes has featured on BBC World News, ITV News, multiple radio station interviews and is classed within the top 10 WalesOnline coolest people in Wales! But now, he features on J-D Design wink.

When Ash approached J-D Design back in December 2016, Ash laid out his plans to start 2017 on such a high; that he needed a professional, modern and sleek website design for him to connect with his fans. We met a couple of times during the planning phase to ensure the design was coming along to his expectations, and at each step along the way Ash was suitably impressed with the standard of design and services provided to him!

Web Design

Ash Dykes - New Web Development

Ash's new superfast, super modern responsive website features all he needs to support him and his career in the limelight as Wales' most extreme and progressing extreme adventurers. Featuring an easy to use dynamic news system will allow Ash to publish and schedule emerging latest news about himself and his missions, social networking tools built into the website system provided by J-D Design will allow Ash to seamlessly offer and manage Facebook commenting throughout custom areas of his site, and finally - the commercial website management system provided to Ash will allow him to easily create and delegate control of certain areas/pages/posts of his website to others when he's on missions, or on tour.

Social & Lead Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Campaigns

With Ash's UK tour upcoming, Ash needed some experienced support with the marketing of his tour. As J-D Design is an approved Facebook Marketing Agent, we were able to set Ash up with a detailed and effective marketing campaign, to ensure maximum reach to a 30km radius around each of his upcoming tour venues.

Video Editing & Logo Animation

Ash Dykes - Logo Animation

Ash had already teamed up with graphic designer Mark Lucas prior to approaching J-D Design, and Mark was already well underway with an impressive new logo and social branding for Ash ahead of his relaunch today. J-D Design was able to build on this for Ash, by animating the new logo, and editing it to before and after every video that loads on Ash's website. Why? Because this increases brand awareness, and that's ultimately was every public figure wants & needs. A strong brand, with strong following; and J-D Design will be here to support Ash on his trek to public success!

Working with Ash

Working with someone as sharp and quick thinking as Ash Dykes on his new website and media productions has made the project as impressive and successful as it could have been. I look forward to partnering with Ash and his team through 2017 and beyond.

You can check out and learn more on Ash Dykes via his brand new J-D Design website, see his previous missions and learn his fitness routines and why they keep Ash on point:

What People Are Saying

  • Michael Lees
    I'm really impressed with the quality of the management system to keep my website updated.
    Michael Lees - 2016
  • Brian Wilson
    The bespoke system you have built for my business is so easy to use, and really professional.
    Brian Wilson - 2016
  • Dean James
    The system John has developed was just what we were looking for, we could not recommend highly enough.
    Dean James - 2016
  • Saran Jones
    I am really impressed with my personal career building website, and my own professional email is brilliant!
    Saran Jones - 2016
  • Rob Laming
    From start to finish John has been great, I would recommend J-D Design for any project where you want a professional website with professional support.
    Rob Laming - 2016

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