Flintshire Industrial Training - New Website & Web System Launch

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Paul Johnson of Flintshire Industrial Training, contacted J-D Design mid-2018 after taking a look over some of our other websites, systems and designs we've launched over the last few years. After meeting with the team, Paul, Carl and Marc; we brainstormed an entire roadmap for their website, web systems and technical offerings for 2018/19.

Fully Responsive Website

Flintshire Industrial Training - Website

We started by designing Flintshire Industrial Training (FIT) with a fully responsive, all-device compatible, modern website. The new website features comprehensive breakdowns of the training courses they offer, in a crisp and easy to digest format - which looks sharp across all devices. We also offered the standard contact form, social connection features and news article management system - allowing the team at Flintshire Training to create their own company news articles which will display consistently across their website & social networks.

Modern New Domain Name

Flintshire.Training Domain Name with .Training TLD

J-D Design proudly thinks outside the box, and that's the reason why we harnessed the power of the new .TRAINING domain style for FIT. This captures fantastic branding opportunity and will complement the market-leading technology used at J-D Design to rank well on search engines and business directories. The previous domain name, has been placed on a permanent search engine optimised redirect to the new domain name:, meaning with our experience in search engine placement that they won't lose any previous ranking status and their historic ranking data will carry over seamlessly to their brand new, catchier domain name.

The Future

We're greatly looking forward to working with the guys at Flintshire Industrial Training over the coming months and years; we have a lot planned. One of the team members - Marc, has his eyes wide open to the benefits & ways technology can help lead the way, by offering the team new features such as calendar and course booking management in their website system, along with sharing branded learning materials, documentation and checklists on their website over the coming months and years which will help set FIT apart from the competition.

Stay tuned - and if you would like us to work together on your new website or business system, please get in touch.

What People Are Saying

  • Michael Lees
    I'm really impressed with the quality of the management system to keep my website updated.
    Michael Lees - 2016
  • Brian Wilson
    The bespoke system you have built for my business is so easy to use, and really professional.
    Brian Wilson - 2016
  • Dean James
    The system John has developed was just what we were looking for, we could not recommend highly enough.
    Dean James - 2016
  • Saran Jones
    I am really impressed with my personal career building website, and my own professional email is brilliant!
    Saran Jones - 2016
  • Rob Laming
    From start to finish John has been great, I would recommend J-D Design for any project where you want a professional website with professional support.
    Rob Laming - 2016

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