1 Important step to market your brand or business the right way on Social Media

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Over the last 10 years, social media activity has changed. It used to be all about interacting with our friends, sharing pictures and playing games.

While all that still happens today, something happened around 7-8 years ago. Businesses started to see the potential of social media marketing. Mainly because that's where everyone was 'hanging out' online. Big companies started flocking to Facebook and Twitter to update their profile pictures with their latest special offers, or logo branding. Then, as many of the children of social media grew up, it became increasingly normal for businesses to be advertising online.

The 1 single step to marketing correctly on Social Media

Optimisation. Make sure that any posts your business shares, is shared correctly. What we mean by correctly:

  • Enticing Title
    • Having a great title for your blog post or social media post means more people are likely to click on it, and this is something any business can do. Hint at offering one of the biggest secrets or misconceptions in your field, or offer a sneak peak at upcoming news or offers from your business or brand.
  • Social and Search Optimised descriptions
    • When sharing posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or anywhere else online, having a good article description and keywords attached to your post means it's far more likely to be found by people searching, or people who are interested in your article. You can see a good example of how an article is shared on Facebook when it is fully optimised below.
  • Image
    • Sharing any post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media should be accompanied by a good, relevant image. A high quality image, specifically setup to display above anything that is shared on social media. This means your posts look enticing, attractive and most importantly, professional.

Comparing the Good, Bad and Ugly

Sharing a link as plain text only = Bad

A bad example of sharing an article on Facebook

Sharing a link as an article without an image = Ugly

An ugly example of sharing an article on Facebook

Sharing a link as an article with an image = Good

A good example of sharing an article on Facebook

Paid Social Media Marketing

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